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About us

Hamra Industrial, incorporated in 2000 and started business with cleaning mosques in Turkey. Currently 6000 mosques in Turkey cleaning by our company. We started to produce vacuum cleaner espcially made for mosques after see it was a requirement for all mosques.

We improve our machines via customer needs and we are adding new models after R&D (research and development). Hamra always follows new technology standarts. We are the first company in Turkey who succeed produce single engine vacuum cleaner with brushes. Single engine, double axis system rotating brush and collecting dust into a container. Our machines are 100% Turkish made

Today thousands of mosques in Turkey using our vacuum cleaners. We have satisfied customers with cost effective prices. We produce different size models for specific needs or large mosques. Hamra cami süpürgelerinin üretimini Türkiye de yapmaktadır. We also provide low cost spare parts and technical service at the proper rate.

Some of our references

Adana Sabancı Cami Adıyaman Menzil Köyü Cami Ağrı Merkez Cami Ankara Abdulkadir Geylani Cami Diyarbakır Ulu Cami Hatay Habibi Neccar Cami İstanbul Ataşehir Mimar Sinan Cami İstanbul Eminönü Yeni Cami İzmir Yeşilyurt Merkez Cami Kocaeli Gölcük Merkez Cami Konya Hacı Veyiszade Cami Mersin Muğdat Cami Siirt Tillo Medresesi Sivas Ulu Cami Şanlıurfa Peygamber Cami Trabzon Akçaabat Merkez Yeni Cami Van Yeni Nurşin Cami Yozgat Çapanoğlu Cami Germany Cologne Ditib Ulu Cami France Nice Eyüp Sultan Cami Netherland Utrecht Ahmet Yesevi Cami Russia Moscow Merkez Cami

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Hamra Cami Süpürgeleri
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Hamra Cami Süpürgeleri